The resort is located at the left side of Chalkidiki (Show on map), at Pefkoxori Kassandras, area of Pallini (Show on map)

Train / Boat / Aeroplane

  • From the Railway Station of Thessaloniki (Show on map): 109 km
  • From the Port of Thessaloniki (Show on map): 107 km
  • From the Bus Station in Thessaloniki Chalkidiki (Show on map): 99 km
  • From the airport of Thessaloniki (SKG) (Show on map): 96 km
  • From the bus stop in Pefkohori (Show on map): 1 km

Services and emergencies

  • Pharmacies, ATM banking, taxis, supermarkets, restaurants, shops,
    bars, cafes, nightclubs, at Pefkohori (Show on map): 2 km
  • Banks in Kallithea Kassandra (Show on map): 24 km
  • Health Center Kassandreia in Kassandra (Show on map): 30 km
  • Hospital in Poligiros Halkidiki (Show on map): 72 km


  • The nearest beaches at the resort, Pefkohori, Glarokavos,
    Kanapitsa and Chrousos (Paliouri) (Show on map): 2 km up to 6 km
  • The beaches of Kassandra peninsula (Show on map): up to 40 km